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Healthcare a top priority for Senator Nelson and Governor Scott debate

Newly-elected Sen. Rick Scott and Sen. Bill Nelson.

Healthcare is one of the biggest points of connection between Governor Rick Scott, and Senator Bill Nelson.

Nelson currently wants to expand Medicaid to insure more Floridians, while Rick Scott argues the current system is failing.

“Let’s think about the Affordable Healthcare Act. If there was a lemon law, that should be sent back immediately,” said Scott.

In the first debate of the senate race, Scott’s message on healthcare was clear, Obamacare needs to go.

“What’d they say? Premiums–your cost per family is going to go down $2,500 . It didn’t. Premiums almost doubled. Deductibles are up. Co-payments are up. They said you wouldn’t lose your doctor. Yep, that was the lie of the century, Scott said.

Nelson argued repealing the Affordable Care Act would strip many Floridians on their coverage.

Nelson wants to work within the law to expand the role of government healthcare.

“The Affordable Care Act with Medicaid would have 2.5 million people in this state that would have healthcare that never did. He would try to kill the law and that’s a huge difference between us,” said Nelson.

Both say they believe in protecting patients with preexisting conditions.

Florida currently has the highest enrollment in the Affordable Care Act of any state in the country.

Tuesday night a full debate takes place between Nelson and Scott.