Top shopping tips this season from the Federal Trade Commission

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The shopping season is in full swing and there are a lot of distractions. These can include, hectic stores and long lines, which can distract customers, leading them to be ripped off.

To prevent being ripped when shopping, we recommend hanging on to those receipts. A savvy shopper will put them in an envelope or take a picture of the receipt on his or her smartphone to store it on the cloud.

There have been cases when a store will overcharge a customer for purchased products. A customer may also have buyer’s remorse and seek to return the product. The only way to ensure a full refund is to present the receipt.

Secondly, WINK News recommends investing time to understand those shopping app customers will download to help save money. But, some of those apps are accumulating personal information — it is imperative to know what it is doing to keep it safe.

Lastly, know the deal terms. These deal terms can include delivery dates, which may arrive too late for special persons a customer wants to send the product as a present. Refund policy is important, too. For instance, a company can charge a restocking fee for all returns.

For additional tips this holiday season, visit the Federal Trade Commission website.



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