Fort Myers business shut down for illegal oil disposing

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Business property shut down for proper oil disposal. Photo via WINK News

A Fort Myers business property was shut down after the owner received citations for illegally disposing of oil, among other illegal complaints.

Improper disposal was just one of the many citations Allen Jaques received, but he says he hasn’t done anything wrong, when questioned by reporter Morgan Rynor.

Morgan: “I think if you’re saying you haven’t done anything wrong, then there shouldn’t be anything to hide right”?

Allen: “I’m pretty sure. Yea.”

Morgan: “So then can you walk us over to the red truck?”

Allen: “Ok”

As Jaques showed our reporter around the truck, freshly dumped oil could be seen all over the ground.

“I can’t control everybody, I can’t control everything. So whoever called the city to report on me, must have to do something with the oil being dumped back there because I have never seen that oil back there,” said Jaques.

Jaques then told reporters he would look into who could have done the dumping on his property.

Morgan: “Are you going to investigate your employees to see if it’s one of them doing it”?

Allen: “That’s going to be a part of that too, but like I said before…I personally have never done it”.

The list from code enforcement includes other complaints like improper garbage disposal, illegal grey-water drainage, and not paying taxes. He disputes the taxes complaint.

“I pay my taxes every year”, Jaques said.

Fort Myers Police Department and Code Enforcement shut down the property deeming it unsafe, and are restricting any and all business from being conducted on the land.

Locals are happy the environment is being put first, in this case.

“As somebody who enjoys fishing and hunting, it’s discouraging. It’s just lazy, you could dispose of those things properly.”

Allen Jaques has a court appearance to answer to these citations on April 9.






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