Bikers donate toys to child patients Easter weekend

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When you think Easter, the image of the Easter Bunny comes to mind. This weekend, the famous rabbit is getting some help from some local bikers.

More than 400 members of the Harley-Davidson club gave out toys at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Lee County Saturday.

“They are so tickled when you start that up,” said Mary Robinson, an Easter Bunny Toy Run rider.“Oh my gosh, you think it was forever. They just love it.”

Some of these bikers look like Santa Claus with a sleigh. But this weekend, they were bunnies on motorcycles.

“The biggest, baddest, burliest guy will be crying because it’s so great,” said Robinson. “I hope they’re having fun when they see me.”

Hundreds of bikers showed up to give presents that mean so much to young children.

“We bring gifts for the kids that they use all during the year for good days bad days,” said Bob Hotvoy, director of the local Rockstar H.O.G. chapter.

Bags of toys are brought to the children’s hospital.

“One little boy, he was terminal,” Robinson said. “And he was about four, and the Easter Bunny gave him a little animal.”

They do it not only to resupply the hospital rooms but to remind families how much people care.

“The mother wrote us a letter, little boy passed away,” Robinson said. “But every time anybody came in to see him, he told them about the Easter Bunny coming to visit him. We had tears.”

When the bikers brought out the exclusive Easter guests, smiles spread across on children’s faces.

“The dog, I like petting the dog,” said 6-year-old Sarai, a patient at the children’s hospital. “I got a llama, and of course Play-Doh.”

The Rockstar H.O.G chapter said the donations will head to kids at Golisano and other Lee Health hospitals. While the Easter Bunny Toy Ride is turning 16 this year, the bikers have no plans of slowing down. Kids will get the rest of the gifts throughout the year.

“If you go out there and you can stand there and see all the sick kids and look at them and keep a dry eye you have no feelings whatsoever,” Robinson said.

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