Too many protein shakes could reduce your lifespan, make you gain weight

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Protein shakes can be great for building muscle at the gym but a new study says to be careful about how much you’re taking in.

Researchers at the University of Sydney say the building blocks in protein shakes that help you bulk up could be bad for your health in the long run if not taken wisely.

They found getting too much protein from the same source, like a powder you mix into a shake can be bad for you in the long run.

Excessive consumption of what’s known as branched-chain amino acids can reduce your lifespan, put you in a bad mood, and make you gain weight you may not want.

I talked with one gym in port charlotte about the best way to get protein in your diet.

Youfit member service specialist Eddie Smith says, “Your body can only process so much at one point. Spreading it out, having it from different sources over the most amount of time is going to benefit you the most.”

Researchers also suggest getting protein from a wide range of sources like chicken, fish and eggs.

If you’re vegan, go with beans, lentils, nuts and soy proteins for the biggest benefits.

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