One remaining lawsuit impedes construction of the Margaritaville Resort

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia
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For drivers heading to Fort Myers Beach, get ready for a new view.

Town leaders hope that it will soon be out with some older buildings and in with the new Margaritaville Resort.

“This beach could use something like that to make it more of a yearly thing,” said Michelle Schrowe, a beach store manager. “This beach is more seasonal, especially for business owners.”

Two lawsuits stopped construction before it ever began. But now, one of those lawsuits is going away. Margaritaville hopes the second lawsuit will too.

“We still do have the issue of what’s called the ‘Writ of Certiorari,'” said John Gucciardo, who works at TPI Hospitality and is a spokesperson for the Margaritaville Resort. “That’s the more objective lawsuit. We anticipate that we’ll be getting a favorable decision from the judge any day now and once that’s behind us, we’ll be able to go forward.”

Once construction begins, developers said they would need around 18 months to complete the project.

Mayor Anita Cereceda of Fort Myers Beach said the company would be a significant employer in the area.

“They’re going to employ hundreds of people alone,” Cereceda said. “It’s just going to click Fort Myers up a notch or three.”

The more than $150 million resort will feature over 200 rooms, restaurants, shops, a water park and a vibrant bar.

Visitors to Fort Myers Beach, as well as those living nearby, are looking forward to its opening.

“I think it would bring in a ton of people,” said Margie Campagna, a visitor. “This would be the hotspot.”

“It will improve everything around here,” said Ken Kelsey, a Cape Coral resident. “The economy on the beach, a place to go party, of course.”

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