Make sure to put safety first when putting up your Christmas lights

Reporter: Taylor Smith
Published: Updated:

This weekend will be perfect weather to put up those Christmas lights many of you have been dying to put up.

We have some safety tips for you from the City of Naples Fire Department.

  • Never leave your lights running when you leave the house.
  • If you’re up on a ladder, always have three points of you making contact with it at all times and someone below making sure it’s stead
  • When you bring out those lights from the boxes, remember to check them for frayed, bare wires and broken bulbs.

“If you’re buying new lights, we always recommend people buy LED,” said Naples Fire Department Lieutenant Mike Moore. “They are a lot more efficient now and they have fuses built into the strand, and it’s a lot safer.”

And if you’re getting a Christmas tree this weekend, remember to keep it watered. The fire department says a dry tree is never a safe one.

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