Dispatched Naples firefighter found her stolen car at the scene

Reporter: Anika Henanger
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Erin Gill's stolen Nissan Altima that she found at the scene of a motorcycle crash. (Credit: WINK News)
Erin Gill’s stolen Nissan Altima that she found at the scene of a motorcycle crash. (Credit: WINK News)

Erin Gill, a firefighter for Greater Naples Fire Rescue District, could not believe what happened when she was dispatched for a motorcycle crash. For Gill, it started as a routine call, where she was sent to help injured bikers.

“Loaded the patient up, transported him downtown,” Gill said. “While that was happening, I recognize a silver car on scene.”

The motorcycle driver’s girlfriend drove up once she heard he was hurt. But Gill thought the car look familiar to the one ripped right from her driveway about a week ago. She thought, “no way that is my vehicle.” The chances are “one in a million.”

“I said no way that’s my vehicle. What are the chances? One in a million,” Gill said. “Before I even went in the car, I’m like there’s a crack on the dashboard underneath the AC vent on the passenger side, sure enough.”

But, being on the job, Gill was limited in her immediate actions. When Gill told the fire chief and her coworkers what happened, they were looking at her like “you’ve lost your mind.”

Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies ran the silver Nissan Altima’s plate and everything matched up, including the registration in the glovebox. CCSO already arrested the woman on the scene. The man tried to get away in the ambulance when he found out. But that person has also been arrested.

Gill said the thieves put around 6,000 miles on the car in just about a week. But that bad day for the people who took her car turned into an excellent day for her.

“The motorcyclist was at my house in my driveway and stole my car and I’m attempting to render care of him not knowing this is all going on,” Gill said. “But that’s just we care for everyone, no matter what the situation is.”

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