Where are Democratic candidates ahead of Florida Primary? WINK News checks in

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
2020 Democratic presidential candidates. Credit: via WINK News.

The New Hampshire Democratic primary election is underway Tuesday. The results will determine which candidates will start campaigning heavily in Florida.

We looked at how the New Hampshire primary could impact Florida’s in March. We also looked at what is currently almost no advertisement in Florida by Democratic candidates

Four states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

“Not only will they determine who’s ahead, but they will determine who is out of the race,” said Peter Bergeson, an FGCU political science professor.

Meanwhile, in Florida, there is only one Democratic candidate currently advertising for his campaign on television. That’s billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City. Bloomberg is getting a jump on the primary here with 35 days to go.

“Mike has already been there several times, with the largest campaign in the state,” said Alejandra Soto, Bloomberg’s national campaign spokesperson. “Already have multiple offices in Orlando, Little Havana, St. Petersburg. One hundred trained field organizers are on the ground.”

We reached out to every other candidate’s campaigns to see if and when they’ll set up shop here in Florida.

“We have staff from Pensacola all the way down to the Keys,” said Kimberly Diaz Scott, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign director in Florida. “And the Florida for Warren team has been growing our operations for months.”

Warren’s campaign director told us the senator has been here once and will be back before early voting starts March 7.

“We are hoping that we can get Warren in the State of Florida soon,” Scott said.

Joe Biden’s campaign is off to a disappointing start in Iowa and New Hampshire. We are told the former vice president will be holding “Events in the vote-by-mail period and leading up to March 17.”

We also spoke to Bernie Sander’s campaign. Organizers said Sanders has not come to the Sunshine State yet and cannot confirm if he will. But the senator just hired his first director for the state. The other candidate campaigns did not get back to us in time for publication and broadcast.

Bergerson says to look for a steady flow of candidates the next 10 days if they survive the first four states.

“Some candidates will be unable to call it a victory,” Bergerson said. “They won’t want to call it defeat, so they will call it quits.”

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