Fort Myers man says people of all ages can learn to windsurf, inspires others

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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When you see Donald Duck along the Sanibel Causeway, it means an 85-year-old Fort Myers man is out on the water. He started learning the sport at the age of 60.

We went to the Gulf with Roy Massey Monday who inspires people of all ages to hop on a sailboard and learn how to windsurf.

It’s possible for people of all ages to learn how to windsurf with Massey.

“I just want to get people on the water,” Massey said.

Massey has spent more than three decades helping hundreds see Southwest Florida while using a sailboard.

“You do it for the exercise. You do it to see the dolphins and manatees, for the camaraderie-ship,” Massey said. “You just have to be able to hop on the board and stand up and pull the sail.”

These are movements Massey sees windsurfers of all ages do.

“The oldest windsurfer I had a couple years age, he was 90 years old,” Massey said. “I’ve got some 70 years old ladies.”

People who got to windsurf with Massey shared their positive experience with us.

“I’m 72 years old, and I live in England, but I’m out here for a few months in the winter,” said. “It’s huge fun and keeps you fit particularly as you get older because you can’t muscle things around so much, making the wind do the work for ya.”

“Well I turned 85,” said. “In my age, I’ve lost a lot of nerve and my skill, but I still love the sport.”

Finding that passion and a healthy outlet, Massey encourages everyone to hop on a sailboard.

“It’s just a really good workout,” Massey said. “Whether you’re windsurfing hard or light winds, you’re using your core your arms, your lat muscles, your upper body and back muscles and basically working all these muscles learning back against the wind.”

If learning to windsurf interests you, Massey says he can teach you in an hour. Ace Performer is Massey’s business. For more information, contact 239-565-4860 or Mor information is available at the Ace Performer website.

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