Naples couple on vacation in Italy stranded, desperate to get home

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Enrica Busi talks to WINK News reporter on the phone from Italy. Credit: WINK News.

A Naples woman is trapped in Italy due to fears over coronavirus. We spoke to her Thursday, as her fears grow about when she and her husband will return home and if she can get the medication she needs.

“How are we going to get out of here and when?” Enrica said.

Enrica and Giovanni Busi’s thirty-seventh anniversary gift to themselves was the trip of a lifetime. But it’s transformed into a trip they fear will never end.

The Southwest Florida couple is sandwiched between four walls instead of exploring the streets of Sicily.

“They have restrictions,” Enrica told WINK News. “You need a piece of paper saying where you’re going, signed and everything. If they see you on the road, you better have the permit walking around.”

For just a minute, Enrica showed us what it looks like outside her front door. It was completely silent.

“This just our street, and you can see that there is nothing going on,” Enrica said. “You can see the homes; the cars are parked because nobody is working.”

The couple talked with the Italian embassy. Even with the president’s new travel ban, they know they’re allowed back into the U.S.

“The problem is trying to find a way out,” Enrica said.

They’ve called airline after airline to no avail.

“My concern is, yes, I am diabetic. I do have a month of my medication,” Enrica said. “But, if they keep us here longer, we don’t have medical or anything here.”

So what happens when she runs out of insulin?

“We don’t have a backup plan,” Enrica said. “You know, we weren’t thinking things were going to go like this you know? We come out here on our thirty-seventh anniversary, and everything goes wrong.”

They told us their last hope is the U.S. military.

Because the Busi family is at a loss, they told us they are open to suggestions from anyone. Anyone who has an idea can share them on our post on the WINK News Facebook page.

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