Getting familiar with SWFL school’s new e-learning programs

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As we head into the weekend we wanted to come up with an activity you can spread throughout the weekend.

And the Florida Gulf Coast University Wings of Hope program is helping with today’s Lindsey lesson.

You may have heard of the program that connects university students with elementary age—and gets them outside learning about our environment.

The director, Mrs. Ricky Pires knows that’s not possible so she created this: “I Spy Nature Activity booklet.”

It’s 10 pages of activities.

Some of the projects include backyard bingo, a crossword, and, of course, a list of 20 things you have to find in your home habitat.

Mrs. Rickey recommends doing this with your kids, then maybe have their grandparents do it at their home and Facetime or Zoom to connect.

You can find the link to the PDF here.

Mrs. Rickey says most of these activities can be done by the 2nd-grade level, especially with a parent or older sibling and is good through middle school-aged.

So, families, you have homework this weekend. Online learning for students begins on Monday across Southwest Florida and parents will need to be familiar with the process to help their child.

We have provided links below to all the school district’s e-learning websites around SWFL to help you become more familiar with the e-learning process:


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