Tampa company offers free online 3D template to help with demand for masks

Reporter: Erika Jackson
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A SynDaver employee wears a prototype respirator at the company’s Tampa location last week. The actual respirators will look more like the renderings. Photo via SynDaver

From homemade fabric to the highly coveted N95’s—face masks are in high demand.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are scared actually and who are actually at risk,” said CEO of SynDaver, Dr. Christopher Sakezles.

SynDaver is a Tampa-based manufacturing company known for its realistic, synthetic models used for education and simulation.

From classroom training to our difficult reality—Dr. Sakazles saw a need for facial protection.

“Even if we were to devote the entire company to making masks, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy it,” said Sakazles.

So his company created a free template for safety respirators. Giving any company or person with a 3D printer the ability to help with the demand.


Photo via SynDaver

“We actually just put it out on social and said here, this is free, if you have a 3D printer you can print it out and make your own respirator,” said Dr. Sakazles.

And now, SynDaver is manufacturing a more comfortable, higher quality respirator built to filter out virus-carrying particles.

This prioritizes supply for healthcare workers, first responders, and anyone on the front lines.

“We have the capability to address the risk and stop people from dying who would otherwise die. How can you not do that?

Shifting gears to make a big difference In this evolving pandemic,” said Dr. Sakazles.

The realistic models by SynDaver have been featured on the small and big screens—on the shows Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and also Mythbusters one and two.

For more information on SynDaver or their product offerings, visit http://SynDaver.com.

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