MHK architects unveil 3D model of final Naples Pier design

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez
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Hurricane Ian stripped away the Naples Pier, but construction is expected to start as early as June.

“We’ll all be under the sun out on the pier again, doing what we do,” said Mike Rogan from Naples.

MHK Architecture presented a final 3D model of the pier at Wednesday’s Naples City Council meeting, and people were impressed.

“It’s everything that we could possibly want, and I think worth every penny that the city is investing in it,” added Rogan.

“I just think it brings a little excitement and lets you know that we’re getting closer and closer,” said Chad Merritt.

Parks, Recreation and Facilities Director Chad Merritt said the construction bid closes on May 7.

“It really varies on the contractor,” he said. “That’s something too that we consider when we look at the bids is how quick can somebody get mobilized to start a project.”

After that, the city will have to analyze all of the contractors that bid on it to see which one they would recommend to the city council for award. Once they’ve awarded it, which will happen in June, it’s time for the construction to start.

“We did some mitigation with this design, which elevates the pier. The pylons are a little bit bigger. We’ve got where you had joists that were connected by wood. Now, the joists are going to be made of concrete,” said Merritt.

Mike Rogan has lived in Naples since 1986.

“The pier is actually the umbilical cord of Naples. If you think back, without that pier, this area couldn’t have developed. I mean, there was really no infrastructure to get from any place other than by canoe,” he said.

The project itself is expected to take 18 months, but that depends on the contractor and how quickly they get things done.

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