Atlanta woman creates cards for seniors in Naples isolated by pandemic

Writer: Drew Hill
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One Atlanta woman is brightening the day of seniors by making and sending cards to those who may feel isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lynn Buske said her mom is actually the one who gave her the idea. “My mom was telling me about some of her friends and some of the residents who were stuck in the care center because of the restrictions. They were not given the go-ahead to be released and I’m very empathetic and I have a bad habit of putting myself in another’s shoes sometimes and that just made me so sad and I thought I need to do something.”

So, she made some cards. “I just pulled out some card stuff, some glue, some glitter, just everything that I had, and my idea was just to make a pocket full of sunshine, a pocket full of smiles.”

“So on each card stock, I cut out a little pocket, designed it, had like smiley face balloons coming out of it, and then on the front, the tag line sending a pocket full of sunshine.”

Buske said she’s all about random acts of kindness because she wants others to feel wonderful. “Trying to do random acts of kindness for others and it’s something within me that’s just kind of taken off; it’s contagious and I don’t think there’s a better feeling trying to do something so simple that can bring joy to somebody.”

She really wants other people to do these little acts because they go farther than we can imagine. “I really would implore everyone to try to do something,” she said, because “kindness doesn’t have to be complicated; the simplest gestures make exponential joy.”

Those at the Care Center of Vi at Bentley Village definitely agree that receiving these cards made the residents feel cared for.

“You can imagine, especially while we’re here under mandatory restrictions, just getting any sort of contact is such value to brighten their spirits,” said Mary Sue French, social services manager at the center.

Patricia Hopkins, one of the residents, said “I certainly do appreciate it.”

Mel Nikula just wanted to thank someone for taking the time to remember him and the others at the facility. “I want to thank you for taking the time to make this card for me; I do appreciate it.”

In this time of social distancing, it really is the small things that make the difference.

“To bring enjoyment to their lives or a smile to their face just by a simple piece of mail, children drawing a picture. It’s just a great opportunity to brighten their spirit during such a difficult time,” French said.

If you’d like to send some ‘love notes’ to these seniors, the address is Bentley Care Center, 875 Retreat Drive, Naples, FL 34110.

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