Boat parade in support of President Trump held in Englewood

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard Writer: Drew Hill
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Credit: WINK News

Lots of people in a plethora of boats gathered in Englewood early Sunday for a boat parade to support President Trump.

Matt Grannan explained why he was out on the water today. “I think he has our country’s best interest in mind and that’s why I’m here,” he said.

And while some decided to take a ride in their boats others stayed ashore but showed their support just the same.

Kevin O’Malley had this to say, “His record speaks for itself. He’s done more for the country in four years than most presidents have done in 8 or several presidents have done together. so we want to keep that going.”

“President Trump has gotten a lot done. I’m not saying that I necessarily support the way that he speaks from the cuff. I think that he could be more presidential. I think he could do more to unite the country rather than divide us up because we are all Americans and he does lookout for the best interest of this country,” Grannan also said.

Everyone out at the boat parade was happy to see flags and signs in support of The President. “A lot of times you see negative things about our president but it’s nice to see a positive thing for a change,” Grannan said.

O’Malley added, “It reverses the chatter about Trump in trouble. When you look at that you don’t think about someone who is in trouble that’s for sure.”

After the parade concluded, supporters went to the staging area to continue their celebration. They hope to keep the same energy heading to polls in November.

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