Protecting roofs top priority ahead of possible major storms

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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While all eyes are on the tropics as a system is projected to move toward Southwest Florida, some people have barely recovered from Hurricane Irma nearly three years ago.

The phones are ringing constantly at Crown Roofing because neighbors want to make sure their roofs are safe and secure ahead of Florida’s first possible threat of hurricane season.

“People seem to be very concerned, and, of course as a roofing company, we’re always here to help,” said Paul LeDea, account manager with Crown Roofing.

They’re helping in big and small ways.

“Roof inspections, so do you know if they have something that is wrong with the roof prior to the storm,” LeDea said. “Is it something that I need to be worried about? Or, you know, can they just let it go and worry about it after?”

John Klaas doesn’t have to worry about any potential wind or rain this weekend. Crowther Roofing replaced his roof after it was badly damaged from Irma.

“Water was coming in in my master bedroom in the laundry and on the deck outside,” Klaas said.

Crowther Roofing replaced his entire roof in January of this year, but it was not an easy road to recovery.

“It was quite expensive. It was near $100,000,” Klaas said. “The delay was getting the insurance company to agree that it was hurricane damage.”

Finally, they did agree, so Klaas has the relief of feeling less concern with the projections of this weekend’s storm.

Reminder: The deadline to file any Hurricane Irma claims with your insurance company is nearing, as most coverage gives you three years. That means the deadline for any claims is Sept. 9, 2020.

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