Neighbors fed up with overflowing garbage at Charlotte County apartment complex

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Pile of garbage seen from outside the Hampton Point Apartment Homes community in Charlotte County. Credit: WINK News.

Mounds of trash are piling up at an apartment complex in, and neighbors are fed up over the mess.

Neighbors at Hampton Point Apartment Homes in Charlotte County are fearing for their health Monday due to a garbage pileup, and they’re afraid the mess will be there to stay for a while.

“This is what we live in,” neighbor Danielle Sweeney said. “We pay rent here, and this is our trash.”

“It’s unsanitary,” neighbor Denise Williams said. “It’s unhealthy.”

“It smells, and it’s embarrassing,” neighbor Nina Ceballos said.

Hampton Point residents we spoke to are revolted at the sight and smell of an expanding trash pile at the apartment complex.

“We already have anxiety over COVID, and now we have animals running around, raccoons and maggot,” Williams said. “So they need to please clean this.”

“Black flies and raccoons, vultures are coming, and just horrible,” Sweeney said.

The neighbors we spoke to told us they feel as though the owners and managers don’t care about them.

“There are so many trash bags, it’s grown down the ramp and into the street,” Williams said. “We’ve taken pictures and sent it to management. I have. I have not gotten an answer.”

We tried to talk to the company that picks up trash there to confirm that it will get cleaned up Tuesday, but it was after hours.

People at the complex want a few more dumpsters to fit the need of the complex.

We spoke to someone at the desk at the complex, and they told us trash gets picked up on Fridays. Even though it didn’t get picked up last week, we are told it should be picked up Tuesday.

Neighbors doubt that and say it’s not the first time they’ve had to suffer through a pile up like this.

“I am disgusted I don’t want anyone to come over and visit me,” Williams said. “And it feels like you’re in a secondary community. And this is Deep Creek. This is a nice area. That’s why we chose to live here, and it doesn’t feel like deep creek. It’s a disgrace.”

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