3 Cape Coral High students launch TEDx Youth Conference

Writer: Drew Hill
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cape coral high school students
Sarah Jiang, Jaden Bradish and Karina Lewin

Three Cape Coral High School students want to inspire others by bringing the TEDx Youth Conference to their school.

Climate change, race in America and COVID-19 are all issues at the forefront of Americans’ minds right now, and that includes teenagers. So, Cape Coral High School senior Sarah Jiang wanted to do something to help other students like herself understand what they’re up against.

“We definitely felt that because of this pandemic, the youth were so spread out, we were socially distant, it was really a good way for the youth to share information and new ideas given that we’re all being quarantined,” Jiang said. “That’s what sparked the idea to create  this TED talk.”

She then texted her friends, Jaden Bradish and Karina Lewin, as a sort of call to action.

Indeed, it is that kind of TED Talk. The global phenomenon connects speakers and their expertise through a computer. These teens brought that phenomenon to Southwest Florida on Saturday.

“Speakers from Malaysia, Vancouver, we have also speakers from Miami, of course, our school,” Bradish said. “We wanted to make sure that there was a diverse amount of people there because we want to show how the pandemic has affected all of us around the world not just really in our own community.”

Their goal is to get other teens involved in being a part of the solution to the world’s problems.

“There’s a pretty good dispersing of age and so it offers different perspectives on how they’re going through quarantine and what they’ve been doing with their time,”  Lewin said.

“This is a time of inspiration, this is a time in which we will be able to continue on and create an even better future than what we already have currently,” said Bradish.

Because just a spark of inspiration can go a long way.


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