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Crowther pleads not guilty to new federal fraud charges

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia Writer: Drew Hill
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A Federal Grand Jury has returned a superseding indictment charging Casey Crowther with new charges after initially being accused of using COVID-19 relief funds to buy a boat.

On Friday, Crowther plead not guilty to the bank fraud charges. Reporters had a slew of questions for him but Crowther kept facing forward.

“Did you lie about the PPP money you got to buy your St. James City house? Did you lie to the bank? How do you feel about these latest charges?” They asked.

Instead of answering the questions, his attorneys walked Crowther to the car.

The indictment includes charges of bank fraud, making a false claim to a lending institution, and illegal monetary transaction.

Crowther could be facing up to 30 years in federal prison for each bank fraud and false claim charge and ten years for each illegal transaction charge if found guilty. In total, Crowther could be facing up to 150 years in prison.

The  U.S. Attorney’s Office has already seized the  40-foot catamaran he purchased. Now, they are hoping to take possession of his million-dollar property in St. James City and $2,098,700. All were said to be acquired as part of the illegal deals he made.

A jury previously indicted Crowther on September 23 for COVID relief fraud. They said then, he misrepresented his liquid assets and provided fraudulent loan applications to a mortgage broker and lender.

For, now, Crowther is out on bond. Previously, he has admitted no wrongdoing in his applications for government loans for his business, ‘Target Roofing.’