New Instagram terms of use details broad use of your personal information

Reporter: Rich Kolko Writer: Drew Hill
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If you like to share photos on Instagram you may be sharing other shocking things as well. Their new terms of service may make some worry if their data is safe.

You may be surrendering not only all of your information, but the information of those around you as well. In December, a new “terms of use” agreement came out.

If you don’t agree to the terms of use and data policy, you can’t use the app. If you do agree to this particular one, you’re giving up a lot of your information.

Alex Pham is a Cyber Security professional. “Instagram’s new terms they can use your GPS information, use your camera, use your microphone, use your apps, steal your screen names, look at the contacts on your family and friends and use that information for their own benefit and not yours,” said Pham.

The company can collect the content and communication you provide via transactions on their app, they can find your phone number, every device on your network, mouse movements and more.

Essentially, you’re allowing Instagram to track you across apps, including Facebook and WhatsApp and on websites you visit, including search history. Once they have the data, you can’t control what they decide to do with it and you cannot get it back.

For your safety and security, you should know what is really going on and make a decision if you want to keep using the app.

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