Ring doorbell helps family scare car burglars away by sounding alarm

Reporter: Erika Jackson Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A surveillance image from a family’s Ring doorbell camera shows burglars breaking into on of their cars outside their home in Cape Coral. Luckily, for the family, they noticed and set the car’s alarm off to successfully scare away the crooks. Credit: Shared with WINK News.

Burglars were caught in the act and scared off by a homeowner’s quick thinking. The family saw them trying to steal from outside their home thanks to their Ring doorbell that let them know there was activity outside.

Wednesday, a family prevented a car-break in at their home on SW 1st Pl in Cape Coral.

The victim said she thought she locked her BMW, but at least one door was unlocked. Three burglars got into the car, but the car owner’s quick thinking scared them away.

“We live in a world where people do things that they shouldn’t, so I guess I’m not as shocked,” Jeramiah Wisner said.

The homeowners got a movement notification on their phone through their Ring doorbell, so they set off the car’s alarm and watched as the burglars run away.

“They are pretty cautious, and I think that was a good precaution to have,” Beth Wisner said.

“Smart move,” Jeramiah said.

“Sounding the alarm instead of going outside,” Beth said.

Cape Coral police dusted the car for fingerprints. They didn’t have much luck since the burglars wore gloves.

“Be diligent,” Don Israel said. “They are everywhere.”

Luckily, the suspects didn’t get away with any items.

But neighbors we spoke to are certainly more alert to these possibilities after this incident near them.

“You need to lock your vehicle all the time,” Israel said. “Nothing is secure anymore.”

The victim handed surveillance footage over to law enforcement.

Police told us they’re not dealing with an uptick of car break-ins presently, but this serves as a reminder to lock your car every time you leave.

Almost all break-ins reported involve unlocked vehicles.

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