Resources available to try to avoid eviction now that moratorium has expired

Reporter: Andrea Guerrero
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Millions are now at risk of being evicted after the Biden administration and Congress allowed the CDC’s nationwide eviction moratorium to expire.

Now that more people are in danger of losing their homes, it’s important to know that every situation is different and ultimately it comes down to each landlord and how they choose to manage their tenants.

Attorney Chris Fiori said although it can be nerve-racking the best thing to do is to reach out to your landlord and work something out with them.

It might take a month before you and your family might have to leave the property you are renting.

“Talk to your landlord and work out some negotiations, payment plan. If the landlord is willing to take partial payment I would make partial payments and if you don’t have a written notice then I would try to get into a written agreement with the landlord,” Fiori said. “In other words, you want to try and protect yourself, we also have to be very realistic about what’s going on.”

Fiori recommends reaching out to local organizations to see what help they can offer in order to avoid an eviction. Once an eviction is on your record, it could make it really hard to rent in the future.

“I have not heard yet about the funds that are available have dried up and stop,” Fiori said. “The top of the list I should probably mention I will check the emergency rental website and your local community and determine as a tenant whether you’re eligible for help. Help may still be there.”


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