Florida DEO Connect website not allowing people to log in

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard Writer: Drew Hill
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Credit: WINK News.

Across the state, many have been dealing with the same issues over and over regarding the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. This time, some cannot even log into the website.

Those people say they’re typing in the right email address and password multiple times but the website claims it is wrong. And those same people are now worried they won’t get their money.

For over a week, Claire Kartanowicz and her husband haven’t been able to collect their unemployment benefits. Their attempts are halted at the Connect login page since neither of them can sign into their accounts.

“They keep asking for your email address. And they say it’s the wrong one. So, we change it … they send you a code online,” Claire said. “But then that doesn’t work either. Sometimes. Passwords don’t work. So of course, you’re changing that. There’s just so much that you’re changing.”

The couple has also been calling and emailing the Florida DEO but that has only caused them more frustration. “You can’t get through to anyone there either. I’ve sent them emails, and they send you back a generated response, saying someone will get in touch with you. And that hasn’t happened,” said Claire.

One possible issue with the login could be that the DEO now requires multifactor authentication to login into its website.

“I just would like this resolved,” Kartanowicz said. “We need this money. If he’s entitled to his money, and we should be getting it.”

The DEO told WINK News it is looking into the Kartanowiczs’ case. If you need to add multifactor authentication to your account, you can go to this website. If you’ve set up multifactor authentication and still can’t get into your account, then the DEO still recommends calling or emailing.

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