Sexual predator discovered living in Collier County community under stolen identity

Reporter: Jennifer Morejon Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Fedner Alzime. (Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office)

A sexual predator is discovered living in a neighborhood under a different name after someone provided a tip to the neighborhood’s leasing office.

An investigation into the tip discovered 37-year-old Fedner Alzime living in the La Costa apartment community under a stolen identity.

The leasing agent who allowed Alzime to live in the community didn’t notice a fake driver’s license.

That is how Collier County Sheriff’s deputies say this Alzime, a designated sexual predator, came to live in La Costa.

Deputies say the identity Alzime stole is his own brother’s.

They say it happened in June 2019. Alzime lived at La Costa until December 2020. That is when the apartment management got an anonymous tip that a sexual predator was living in the apartment community under a false name.

The leasing office says no one who worked during the time of the incident is currently employed there.

As detectives started to investigate, Alzime took off.

In late 2021 a judge issued an arrest warrant for Alzime, who turned himself in this week.

A judge set a bond at $20,000.

The state of Florida designated Alzime a sexual predator in June 2002 after his conviction for the sexual battery of a child.

Sentinel Real Estate Corporation, which owns La Costa Apartments, had the following to say about its security procedures and what had occurred:
“The safety and security of our residents is our top priority. We use a nationally recognized third party to conduct comprehensive background checks on all potential residents, in line with best practices for top-tier firms in our industry. This process requires them to provide detailed information to verify their identities. In this instance, the individual falsified their name, photo ID, social security number and income verification in order to sign a lease. We filed to evict the individual for non-payment shortly before we were notified of the fraud by authorities. We cooperated with their investigation, and the individual moved out shortly after. This type of fraud is rare, and we regret that it occurred.”

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