Naples Winter Wine Festival donors get to meet the kids they’re helping

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josh wolfson
josh wolfson, Special Olympics athlete helped by the Naples Winter Wine Festival

Naples Winter Wine Festival donors are getting the chance to meet the children their money directly impacts. The event benefits charities within the Naples Children and Education Foundation. And 100% of those donations stay within Collier County.

There are adorable children under the big white tent amongst the sea of adults. Each of them benefits from the charity that the Naples Winter Wine Festival supports.

Meet Josh Wolfson is one of the children that says the charity has helped him. But he’s also an athlete. ” I play tennis, paddleboarding, and basketball,” said Wolfson. With a tennis racket in hand and a gold medal around his neck, John speaks enthusiastically about all that Special Olympics has done for him.

“I don’t really know what I would be using a lot of my time for. I just really do enjoy and really do like Special Olympics, and I’m really happy to be here today,” he said.

“The other kids there are really nice. And I made a lot of nice friends doing Special Olympics,” said Josh.

This is what “Meet The Kids” Day is all about. All of the festival’s donors and patrons get the opportunity to meet people like Josh, Makenzie, and Landon. These donors see how these tiny faces benefit directly from the money the Naples Winter Wine Festival and Auction brings in.

Landon likes Batman…a lot. “He has grappling hooks and he can fly!” he said. But he’s not the real hero in Landon’s life. Sydney Esquibel works with Better Together. ” His mom is his hero,” Esquibel said.

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