Lawmakers pushing for a gas tax holiday, how you can save at the pump in the meantime

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Gas prices are at their highest point in eight years, with experts pointing to supply chain issues, the pandemic, and tensions in eastern Europe as causes.

Now, lawmakers are proposing a bill to suspend the federal gas tax to save people cash, but until that happens, there are still other ways you can save money at the pump.

People are getting fed up with how much it’s costing them to fill up, and that’s why many are choosing to join clubs like BJ’s and fill up with them, where the gas is cheaper.

Experts from AAA say some rewards programs can save you money at the pump too. You can also pay cash at some locations to avoid fees.

Maintaining your vehicle and driving a little slower can help improve your fuel economy, meaning fewer trips to the pump.

When asked to describe the correct gas prices, Fort Myers resident Eric Cobb called them “ridiculous.”

Drivers haven’t seen prices this high since 2014.

AAA Spokesperson Mark Jenkins said, “it all really comes down to global supply and demand. Demand has largely come back since the pandemic. But on a global scale, there’s much less supply than there was in 2019.”

Inflation and tensions between Russia and Ukraine are also playing a role.

Jenkins says this time of year, prices typically go the opposite direction. “We’re about a month or so removed from the holidays. So, this is kind of a downtime for travelers. People are just kind of taking a break. And then, usually into March, April time period is when you see fuel demand really pick up again. But we are still seeing some strong fuel demand, even now.”

Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing the state legislature to pass a gas tax holiday that would save you 25 cents a gallon as early as July.

Multiple senators are also pushing to suspend the federal gas tax, potentially saving you another 18 cents a gallon.

You can learn more about the governor’s gas tax holiday by clicking here.

For some, waiting for help isn’t an option.

Darlene said, “if I want to go on a road trip, I’m going to have to get more money for gas and go on a road trip. I’m not going to stop going on a road trip because gas prices went up. I can’t stop living my life because the gas price went up.”

Some snowbirds, like Mark Mitchitell, are also hoping for relief at the pump. He drives down from Ohio each year. He said it typically costs him $80, “yeah, but this year it cost me over $100.”

Jenkins said oil prices are volatile and difficult to predict, but prices could continue to rise as we approach spring when demand increases as more people hit the road.

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