The do’s and don’ts of shopping at a dollar store

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard
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Shopping at dollar stores can help keep a lot of money in your wallet.

But not all products there are worth your buck.

If you’re planning a dollar store run, make sure you have a list of what you need because it can be easy to fill up your cart and spend more than what you budgeted for.

Experts also say there is some stuff that should stay on the shelf. expert Julie Ramhold recommends sticking to disposable paper products which include paper plates, napkins and even party supplies like table cloths, gift bags and greeting cards.

“It’s a really good place to just grab those so you don’t end up with too many and it serves the purpose. You don’t have to worry about having these things laying around for months after that. You just use them and then you’re done,” Ramhold said.

Ramhold said before buying food, you should check for expiration dates, sell-by dates and even for recall notices.

That goes even for non-perishable food items.

You’re throwing money away if you are buying something that is expired or close to expiring.

And make sure cleaning supplies are worth the deal, too, by checking the price per unit.

Ramhold said just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s the best deal.

“It can be really convenient to grab a little tiny bottle of dishwashing soap at the dollar store. But the truth is, is that if you have the ability and the room to store a bigger size, you’re gonna get a better price if you shop at like Walmart or Target,” Ramhold said.

But if you’re in a pinch, dollar stores can help you pinch pennies.

Edward and Rose Unitas shop at a dollar store about a couple of times a week.

“The prices are outstanding and they usually have the products we want,” Edward Unitas said.

Rose Unitas agrees.

“You can’t beat a dollar,” she said.

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