Religious leaders say Southwest Florida needs compassion and faith during these difficult times

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Friday is Good Friday, and Friday night marks the beginning of Passover. And this year,  religious leaders in Southwest Florida say there is a need to spread compassion.

So the message this year is to trust in god. In the world, we’re seeing so much division and pain. There’s the invasion in Ukraine and mass shootings. But, on this holy day, bishops, pastors, and rabbis believe that trust in God will lead to a better tomorrow.

This religious weekend is starting off heavy. For Jews and Christians worldwide, Friday is a day to remember the ultimate sacrifice. David Action is the pastor at New Hope Church. “It’s a day when Jesus was crucified,” Pastor Action said.

And they’re remembering the pain. Rabbi Nicole Luna is with Temple Beth El. “We were not always so fortunate. We were slaves in Egypt,” Rabbi Luna said.

But we do know that these stories end in light. That light has guided people for thousands of years. Frank Dewane is the Diocese of Venice. “Jesus Christ is risen, hallelujah. Easter is our triumphant day,” said Bishop Dewane.

For Jews, the triumph comes from freedom. “It wasn’t until God took action that we were able to be free. And as partners with God, that’s our commandment that is our charge today,” said Rabbi Luna.

The charge is that putting a little trust in God would make life better. Victory over death came when Jesus was delivered on Easter. “For us as believers in Jesus, that empty tomb, that was the best news ever because that reminds us that Jesus has power and authority over all this stuff that’s going on,” said Pastor Action.

This Passover and this Easter, religious leaders across SWFL encourage you to have a little faith in the future. “Passover is about giving us the hope that things can be better, that things can be different,” Rabbi Luna said.

And they encourage you to have faith in God. “A relationship to God that never fail you,” Pastor Action said.

The pastor said that many Americans have an empty feeling right now, whether that be empty gas tanks or empty promises. But, that isn’t always a bad thing. The pastor says this can be fulfilled with trust in God. He says just to have a little faith.

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