Lee County Mosquito Control to scout standing water after Friday’s storm

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Lee County Mosquito Control to scout standing water. (CREDIT: WINK News)

The heavy rain in Southwest Florida on Friday brought a lot of standing water and mosquitoes were not far behind.

We spoke with Eric Jackson, the Deputy Director of Lee County Mosquito Control District to see how they’re going to handle all the new standing water. Jackson said they’ll have crews going out Sunday by ground and by air all over the county.

Since the standing water formed recently, for now, scouting is the plan. They plan on going to areas where there is standing water to scout potential problematic mosquito areas.

Jackson did say that it takes about a day or two until they can actually see the larvae.

Early in the week, after the inspections on Sunday, Mosquito Control could start doing some larvacide treatments.

Jackson said “To see what is actually out there, see where the water is do the inspections. So we can potentially be doing some larviciding treatments on Monday and Tuesday.”

Jackson said they’re sending crews out Sunday by ground and by air to places where there is standing water.

Jackson said “we’ve been out doing pre-treatments, due to the high tides and also the rain that we’ve had,” Jackson said. “But with a storm that just went through, there could be a lot of areas where places were hit, they’re standing water, and mosquitoes could be hatching.”

Jackson then explained how you at home can help by searching your home for standing water and dumping it out.

“People really should look around their homes and see if they have any, any containers any debris,” Jackson said. “Even a palm frond may have fallen down that’s tucked away behind their house that’s holding water is a potential breeding site. So, bird baths, flower pots, anything like that. That’s holding water? They should dump that water out.”

Francis Gray has been a Lee County resident for 24 years. She’s all too familiar with what standing water means.

“It’s scary, especially with all the diseases of course going around,” Gray said. “And this is just like a breeding ground all around our house in our homes with the kids cross the street and ourselves. So, it is very concerning.”

After Friday’s storm, Mosquito Control has a lot of work ahead of them. And people like Frances Gray are grateful for what they do.

“I know, it’s not a one-time fix, that’s for sure,” Gray said. “But I do certainly appreciate them. Jumping right on that and taking care of the situation.”

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