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Cape Coral plants 100 trees on Veterans and Kamal Parkway

Reporter: Asha Patel Writer: Jasmine Singletary
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In hopes of “Planting it forward,” Future Forestry plants 100 trees along Veterans and Kamal Parkway.

Dozens of people gathered with their shovels and gloves ready to plant trees.

Russ Ringland is behind this project he is the creator of the non-profit Future Forestry Corporation.

“Cape Coral was developed long ago with developers took out all the trees and they took the dirt from the canals to elevate the land and in their process, they lost the urban forest so we’re putting them back,” Ringland said.

Ringland said his goal is to plant trees all across the county.

“The goal for this year is 3,000 so we’re doing some on east Lee County and some for the city on city parks, along the county roadway,” Ringland said.

Jason Pim has been volunteering since 2018.

He said he gets a lot of positive feedback from the community by doing this.

“As we’re planting you can hear people honking which is nice. My kids have come out and helped when you drive down Veterans we can see trees we planted years ago and it is a good feeling,” Pim said.

The group plans to plant trees almost weekly until they reach their goal of 3,000 by the end of the summer.

If you would like to volunteer, you can visit the website Future Forestry.