Hoffmann Family of Companies takes a stance against gun violence in America

Reporter: Elizabeth Biro
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A prominent Naples business that invests in companies they like is taking a stance against gun violence.

The Hoffmann Family of Companies made a vow to never work with businesses that make or sell semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons.

Geoff Hoffmann is not worried about his bottom line; but instead, he is much more concerned about the impact guns and gun violence has on the community and this country.

In a statement posted to the Hoffmann Family of Companies website, the company said the recent shooting challenged their beliefs and perceptions of America.

“The violence that plagues our nation has become so commonplace that the carnage of the 4th of July shootings was quickly overshadowed by massive fireworks displays celebrating American idealism. We have grown so accustomed to these heinous acts that we have developed a callus,” according to the statement.

“We do not accept the type of freedom that restricts families from attending community gatherings for fear of getting gunned down. America is no longer the Wild West where guns begot guns and laws need only apply when convenient,” the post states. “We inherited an America that provided freedom and safety for all its people in their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. We must return to this fundamental right. Change can be long and difficult but nevertheless attainable if so desired.”

Geoff Hoffmann posted the statement on July 11, seven days after the Fourth of July shooting in Highland Park.

Geoff Hoffman is the co-CEO of The Hoffman Family of Companies.

The call to action is not to eliminate the legal usage of shotguns or rifles used in sporting activities but rather a plea to get rid of high-capacity magazines and the weapons that fire them, according to the company’s statement.

“I think over the past couple of weeks, really couple of years, we’ve witnessed just an amount of carnage across the United States that’s unprecedented with innocent bystanders being gunned down, whether it’s in schools or other public settings,” said Geoff Hoffmann, co-CEO of The Hoffmann Family of Companies.

Geoff Hoffmann said his company leans conservative but stressed his statement is not political.

“We need to do something as a country to make sure that we get back to this basic premise where people can go out in public and pursue their life dreams without fear of being gunned down,” Geoff Hoffmann said.

He said is not focused on how his stance might impact business.

“Honestly, we didn’t spend too much time analyzing the business impact of it, because it’s an issue that is so important. For us, it was like, what’s the social impact,” he said.

Geoff Hoffmann put it this way: He said his employers volunteer in the community all of the time, but nothing can help everyone feel like they can gather safely unless someone takes a stance against gun violence.

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