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Deputies continue to investigate road rage shooting of 1 in Collier

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Witnesses are describing the fear they felt when they saw a man spray another driver with bullets in a fit of road rage on Tuesday night.

It happened at Livingston and Radio roads in Collier County.

The victim is alive and in the hospital after taking bullets in the arm and stomach.

The person who pulled the trigger is still at large. The victim described the shooter as a man with dreds, possibly driving a Camaro or a Dodge.

The victim told deputies he was driving southbound on Livingston and being followed by another car from Pine Ridge Road.

That’s when the victim got out of his car and approached the driver.

The victim said he does not know the shooter or why he’d open fire.

It all happened next to a Wawa where customers were anxious for more information.

“I don’t know what to say about that; that’s crazy,” said Richard Amador, who lives in Naples. “I don’t know what was happening, but for someone to just get out of the car and shoot somebody, you know, like point blank, that’s a lot of rage.”

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said at least two people called 911.

Former police officer turned professor of forensic studies at FGCU, David Thomas, said it’s scary what’s happening on the roads.

“There’s a better way to solve this other than violence,” Thomas said.

It’s a sign of the times, said Richard Brown, of Naples.

“People have short fuse and put guns in the mix and we got a problem,” he said.

Brown said he has a license to carry but urges everyone to stay calm when on the road.

“Cool it, cool it, relax, it’s a rough world out there,” Brown said. “People drive fast, they drive aggressively, be careful. Just drive carefully that’s all; drive defensively and don’t lose your cool.”

If anyone knows what happened, call the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.