Cape Coral woman accused of speeding car through park to hit boyfriend

Writer: Joey Pellegrino
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Yazmin Pasley, 18. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

An 18-year-old Cape Coral woman was arrested on Sunday after police say she sped her car through a public park to hit her boyfriend with it.

According to the Cape Coral Police Department, Yazmin Pasley was arrested after the Cape Coral Police Department responded to reports of a disturbance at a park not named in the arrest report. The calls indicated that a woman later identified as Pasley was speeding a blue car through the park and ran it into a man sitting on a bench.

A witness who recorded the incident said Pasley was driving fast around the park while people were walking and trying to unload boats in the water. He said he began recording after he saw the blue Mazda 6 recklessly in a circle twice, overhearing Pasley yell over the phone at the man she later struck. The witness told CCPD that Pasley said she wanted the man dead.

After she stopped the car, the witness said Pasley continued yelling and telling the man, “I’m going to kill you… break windows in the house… I hope you die.”


The Mazda approached the park entrance and the witness could hear the verbal argument continue between Pasley and the man when she suddenly accelerated the car across the grass, driving in between bushes and into the pavilion the man was inside of. The man flew off the picnic table when the car made impact.

The witness ran up to them, still recording, and said they both were arguing and physically fighting until Pasley got back into the vehicle’s driver seat and sped off. Shortly after, the man left the scene, taking a mirror that had fallen off the car when Pasley backed it into a tree.

A CCPD officer watched the video and found that it corroborated the witness’ verbal description of the incident. The footage showed a shattered city-owned picnic table worth around $600 detached from the concrete where it was bolted. After Pasley drove away, the man could be heard complaining to the witness that his arm hurt.

Officers driving around the area found the damaged blue Mazda parked on the grass at a nearby address. Its license plate allowed CCPD to identify the woman as Yazmin Pasley.

When officers interviewed Pasley in the home, they noticed a fresh cut on her left inner thigh. She denied knowledge of the incident. After being detained and brought back to the park, the witness confirmed Pasley was the woman he recorded.

When the man involved in the scene was reached through social media contacts, he refused to answer many questions but said Pasley was his girlfriend of four years and that he had gone to the park to get away from an argument they had been having.

Pasley faces charges of domestic violence – aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of a crash involving damage to unattended property, leaving the scene of a crash involving injury and reckless driving. Pasley was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital for medical clearance, due to her being involved in an accident before she was transported to the Lee County Jail.

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