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Pendas Law Firm holds annual turkey giveaway

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez Writer: Matthew Seaver
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An annual Thanksgiving giveaway for families in need is being held Sunday. The Pendas Law Firm is holding its 14th annual turkey giveaway at its Fort Myers office.

Any families in need are welcome to come by and get a free turkey.

The Pendas Law Firm is proud to host this event annually, and even though this is the 14th straight year, the mission remains the same, to feed families in need.

Lou Pendas is the CEO of the law firm and said he expects the need to exceed last year’s since many families are still dealing with the aftermath of Ian.

“We’ve seen a lot of hardship throughout those years, a lot of people that, you know, I get asked, well, how do you know that the folks in line receiving a turkey are, in fact, those who need it? And I say, well, a lot of these folks line up the night before asleep in front of our offices in order to make sure that they receive their turkey for thanksgiving. So, I think that serves as a minimal criterion to receive a turkey if you’re going to wait in line all night long to receive a turkey instead of going to a supermarket and buying your own,” said Pendas.

The distribution goes from 10 a.m. to noon, but families can get here early to get a spot in line.

Pendas said the same kind of distribution was held in Miami this weekend, and people slept there overnight to receive their Thanksgiving meal.

“We ran out of turkeys very quickly. And we had to turn away people, and there were people there overnight, waiting in line. So, I suspect that that’s going to be a trend here in Fort Myers. So, my recommendation is to get in line early. And hopefully, there’ll be enough supply for the need,” said Pendas. “This is going to be a year where there is an extreme shortage of turkeys. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there is, and the price of the turkeys have nearly doubled. So, I know that it’s going to create a hardship for people to go out and buy their own turkeys this year, creating even more of a need.”

The giveaway is on a first-come, first-served basis at 4244 Evans Ave. until they run out.