Jury selected for man accused of killing FMPD officer

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The jury picked for an accused cop killer’s trial after a chaotic few days in court. Wisner Desmaret is defending himself on charges of killing FMPD officer Adam Jobbers-Miller five years ago. Attorney Lee Hollander is in the courtroom as a backup on standby.

Hollander has never been a standby council and doesn’t enjoy it much. He started the jury selection process, comparing himself to a potted plant. And ended Thursday by shaking his head, afraid Desmaret doesn’t realize he’s on trial for his life.

Sitting with folded arms in his chair, his lips pursed, grinning from ear to ear. On his final day of jury selection in his death penalty trial, Desmaret hardly spoke.

“I’m the listener im just listening,” Desmaret said. “I dont think none of these people fit, so I don’t wanna participate in striking or none of that.”

Desmaret is charged with shooting Adam Jobbers-Miller, an FMPD officer, in the head back in 2018 after Jobbers-Miller responded to a call at a gas station.

Despite a history of mental illness, the court ruled him competent to act as his own attorney. State Attorney Amira Fox spent an hour questioning the final 57 prospective jurors. But Desmaret didn’t ask a single question.

“I’m waiting on yall to make yall selection then I’ll join in,” Desmaret said.

When someone responded saying it doesn’t work that way, Desmaret responded casually.

“I’m just chilling right now to see what the state got goin’ on,” Desmaret said.

“I think the only thing that went through my head was, seriously…” Hollander said.

Against the advice of the judge, Desmaret repeatedly refused to let Hollander serve as his counsel.

WINK News spoke with Hollander after he left court on Thursday.

“He doesn’t know what to do or how to do it,” Hollander said. “We’ve got a jury, and he’s going to literally live or die with that jury.”

Desmaret didn’t even try to shape the jury. So the judge swore the 12 men and women and four alternates.

“And with that our panel is selected,” the judge said.

Hollander told WINK News he hopes Desmaret somehow or someway has a change of heart over the holiday weekend and decides he wants an attorney to handle his defense.

Opening statements will begin Monday morning.

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