Fk Your Diet continues to provide meals for free in SWFL

Reporter: Annalise Iraola
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After Hurricane Ian, FK Your Diet wasted no time offering free food to anyone struggling to eat.

Funding it through donations from people can give to help those that can’t.

It’s something they are still doing now, six months after the storm.

The restaurant’s menu doesn’t list any prices.

“My dream growing up was to become a giver,” said Doug Miller, owner of the restaurant.

Miller was a foster kid. The FK in the restaurant’s name stands for foster kid.

He doesn’t stop giving at 5%.

“Free food for everybody. And we’ve been doing that now since the end of the storm. Saturday, we crossed over 400,000 meals we’ve given away since the storm,” Miller said.

To help cover the costs, diners offer donations.

Those that can give, and those that can’t don’t.

Doug Miller, a former foster kid, had a dream of helping others. As the owner of Fk Your Diet, he has provided free meals in SWFL since Ian. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Miller and Amy Eldridge, his girlfriend, wasted no time feeding the community after Ian.

“Since the day after the hurricane, we had no electricity, like anybody else saw the devastation. And we’re like, yeah, we got to help. Let’s start cooking. Luckily, we have propane,” Eldridge said.

The free food helped regulars like Howard Roux.

He has lived out of his van for the past years, but he met Miller on Fort Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian.

“They’ve been, they’ve been a godsend. I’ve, I’ve basically told people that I haven’t really had to pay for a meal since the hurricane,” Rouz said.

Carole Anderson started working for FK Your Diet after the storm.

“And I really appreciate them so much,” Anderson said.

She has seen first-hand how this place helped people over the past six months.

“There’s still real people after that, that are still struggling. That’s where this place comes in. And I see it every day doing something good,” she said.

They even gave Anderson’s son his first job years ago. He is on the autism spectrum.

Miller and Eldridge don’t know how long the free food will last.

One thing won’t disappear, their love 100% love for the community.

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