Organizations sue over strict immigration laws

Reporter: Rodaris Richardson Writer: Rachel Murphy

Multiple pro-immigration organizations are suing, claiming the new Florida Immigration Law poses threats to the rights of immigrants.

“It exposes everyday people to very harsh penalties for going about their daily lives but without making clear what behavior is prohibited and what behavior is not prohibited,” said Amien Kacou, staff attorney for the ACLU.

Section 10, in essence says people who knowingly bring an undocumented person into Florida are committing a crime. The ACLU calls the provision too broad and vague.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office argues the law is meant to target illegal immigration and protect Floridians from the border crisis.

The ACLU disagrees. Kacou said, “Vagueness creates an opportunity for law enforcement to interpret law arbitrarily and to abuse its power by targeting people based on race and national origins.”

Pro-immigration legal groups say they may challenge other parts of the law at a later date.

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