Amanda Ferguson, 1 of the 5 Top Golf Way victims, laid to rest

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Amanda Ferguson, 18, was laid to rest on Friday during a beautiful service. Ferguson was one of the five teenagers killed when a car crashed into a retention pond along Top Golf Way in Fort Myers.

In 18 short years, Ferguson made a big difference in people’s lives. Her death made headlines but those who celebrated her life on Friday explained that’s not what they will remember.

Amanda Ferguson
Amanda’s celebration of life CREDIT Ferguson Family

“Just… I don’t even have words right now,” said Lily Milanes, Ferguson’s mother’s friend.

“She’ll be greatly missed,” said Elise Robbins, Ferguson’s mother’s friend. “She obviously was a wonderful person, and unfortunately, she won’t be able to live her dreams.”

Family and friends gathered to remember Ferguson, a Tik Tok, country music-loving, messy bun-wearing, kind-hearted soul who will be missed forever.

“I just can’t believe that at such a young age, she touched so many lives,” said Ferguson’s aunt, Grace Windrin.

Display of photos at Amanda’s Celebration of Life CREDIT Ferguson Family

While attending Lehigh Acres Sr. High School, Ferguson excelled as a student and a cheerleader. Hundreds came out to celebrate her life.

WINK News cameras were not allowed in the ceremony but the people who were described how it went.

“It was beautiful,” said Dianne Campbell, Ferguson’s mother’s supervisor.

“Amazing,” said Windrin.

After the service, everyone took the celebration outside where they held balloons and then, one by one, released them.

Then they held onto each other to hold it together, because while Ferguson may be gone, she is not forgotten.

“It felt great, and ya know, it’s nice to see the community come together and be here as one, and I know it means a lot to her,” said Statoka Mays, Ferguson’s mother’s friend.

At the time of her death, Ferguson was taking classes at FSW. Her goal was to teach high school math and be a cheerleading coach at her alma mater.

Ferguson loved Tik Tok and wanted to become Tik-famous. It’s a goal of her parents and friends are hoping to make happen.

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