Crash report released from Top Golf Way drowning that killed 5 teens

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WINK News is getting details about the deaths of five teenagers who drowned when their car drove off Top Golf Way and into a retention pond.

According to a new police report, WINK News has verified that the first 911 call about the crash came on the night of June 25.

But police couldn’t find the car and left five minutes after arriving.

We know now that the family also went to the scene before the car was found because an app on one of the teens’ phones alerted them.

Amanda Ferguson had an app on her phone called Life 360.

According to the company, their app offers “family safety through location sharing.”

But family members also couldn’t find any sign of the teens in the area.

Investigators were finally able to locate the submerged car after requesting a cell phone carrier ping one of the teen’s cell phones.

The ping’s longitude and latitude showed that the Kia Forte was in the water, just east of Top Golf Way.

An aviation team flew over and was able to see a small portion of the rear of the car sticking up out of the water.

The front of the vehicle was resting on the floor of the pond, which was about eight feet deep.

Investigators said the speed of the car caused it to “vault” into the retention pond, where it ultimately ended up 20 feet away from the shoreline.

Investigators said they know that all five of the victims ended up in the back seat because it was the high point as the car went under, front first.

We also now know that the airbags deployed all around the inside of the car, which made it even harder for the teenagers to get out while water began rushing inside.

The airbags would have blocked the windows, even the one that shattered.

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