Mounds of ‘flushable’ wipes reported by Charlotte County Utilities

Author: Haley Zarcone Writer: Rachel Murphy, Carolina Guzman
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Flushable wipes at East Port Water Reclamation Facility CREDIT Charlotte County Utilities

Charlotte County Utilities sent out a notice about how flushable wipes can cause major plumbing issues.

At the East Port Water Reclamation Facility, Charlotte County Utilities reported mounds of wipes and rags.

flushable wipes
Mounds of flushable wipes CREDIT Charlotte County Utilities

Toilet paper is the go-to for when you use the bathroom, but some alternatives are ending up causing more of a mess than they may seem.

Charlotte County Utilities posted pictures to their Facebook page asking the community to stop flushing wipes after causing major piles of backups at their East Port Water Reclamation facility and it’s not just their equipment that this is affecting. These wipes can become an issue for your pipes.

With over 30 years of plumbing experience, Chris King said don’t be fooled by the packaging on the wipes.

“The wipes get caught up on the fittings or a rigid piece of pipe that’s in there. You’re gonna get hung up and then toilet paper piles up, and there’s a stoppage,” said King.

On the job, he has seen houses backed up by even just a few of these wipes.

No matter the age or kind of pipes you have, it can happen to anyone who flushes them down.

The worst part is, damage from these wipes can cause you to put thousands of dollars down the drain.

“They can flood your house, cost drywall damage, floor damage in a restaurant, meaning a company comes in to suck all the water up in the drywall, costs anywhere between $6,000 to maybe $30,000, depends how bad the flood is,” said King.

This is not an advertisement to stop​ using these wipes, it’s more of a reminder that if you are going to use them, throw them in the trash to keep your pipes clear.

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