Collier County School Board member’s plan to eliminate ideologies from classroom

Reporter: Amy Galo
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“Anti-American and anti-God.” That’s how one Collier County School Board member is describing several ideologies.

They range from critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the woke and gay agenda.

Jerry Rutherford wants Collier County schools to denounce them all, and he plans to bring it up at the next board meeting.

“It’s crazy to me because the kids should know about this. Like, that’s not fair to them. That’s like hiding a part of history,” said Kira Holloway, a former Collier County schools student.

“It’s not taught at any K through 12 school, so saying that you’re banning it, when it’s not even there is just a waste of time,” said Chris Schmeckpepper-Kobzina, from Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Others on the list include social emotional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion.

WINK spoke with Rutherford about whether he plans on bringing up these seven items in the upcoming Sept. 11 school board meeting.

His response? He’s going to make “some mention of it.”

“We’re trying to work on getting people to come to the September 11 meeting, to speak out and say we don’t want you wasting our time on this,” Schmeckpepper-Kobzina said.

But Rutherford sees it as anything but a waste of time. He said to look up the congressional record for the 1963 Communist agenda.

He said the Communist party “have been almost 100% successful in what they were trying to do.”

Rutherford said 44 of the 45 parts of the agenda have been completed and that 14 of them, he said, are taking place in our local schools.

“I definitely think this does need to be talked about because it’s not fair to take this away from the kids at all, 0%,” Holloway said.

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