How people in Cape Coral are planning to handle potential tropical weather

Reporter: Annalise Iraola Writer: Paul Dolan
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Many people in Cape Coral aren’t ready to start preparing for another storm entering the peak of hurricane season. WINK News crews are still seeing damage from Hurricane Ian nearly 11 months after the storm made landfall.

People’s attitudes in Cape Coral have adjusted, but they are still nervous during this post-Ian hurricane season.

Blue tarps are still visible throughout Cape Coral.

“I’m pretty worried, to be honest with you, because we still have a lot of damage that the insurance company simply is not addressing,” said Cape Coral resident Chris Snyder.

Snyder is just one of the thousands of people still coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Furthermore, with another tropical system brewing in the Caribbean, what are locals doing to stay safe and be prepared?

“The fact is, we still have a roof that’s leaking in three different rooms. We still have a lot of hurricane damage from last year,” said Snyder, “and if a hurricane comes this year, we’re gonna have to leave because I’m petrified that I can’t have my family there at the house. It’s dangerous.”

People in Cape Coral told WINK News they’re feeling the danger and are worried and scared, not just with Invest 93L, but with the approaching peak of hurricane season.

Snyder explained to WINK News, that if the storm becomes anything more than a rainmaker, he and his family won’t stick around Southwest Florida, as they did during Ian.

“We can’t stay for any hurricane. We’re gonna have to leave,” said Snyder. “We’ll just have to go because I can’t keep my family somewhere where I feel like it’s not necessarily safe.”

If you agree with Snyder, then stay tuned to The Weather Authority on WINK News. We will be the first to know if something tropical develops and what you need to do to stay safe.

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