Concerns about Pine Island and Matlacha bridge as Hurricane Idalia approaches

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As Florida prepares for Hurricane Idalia, concerns about the stability of roadways and bridges remain under question.

Matlacha Bridge is still recovering from the damages received from Hurricane Ian. Construction workers have made progress in reinforcing the bridge to withstand storms, but Hurricane Idalia could compromise those efforts.

Water levels in Matlacha are creeping up toward the brim of the waterways in Matlacha Community Park. Nevertheless, the rain has subsided a bit since earlier Tuesday afternoon and late morning.

Residents of Pine Island are still recovering from damages caused by Ian. Extreme caution has been taken as people began to board their homes in anticipation of Hurricane Idalia.

The trajectory of the storm is expected to not directly hit Southwest Florida, but we can expect to see high indexes of rain and wind, which can cause damages to property.

Access to the bridge between Matlacha and Pine Island is still available for people who may need to evacuate incase an order is called. The maintenance of the bridge could be compromised due to the predicted two to four feet of storm surge, which could set back repairs.

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