More details on suspect in the North Port homicide of adoptive parents

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The North Port Police arrested a man who allegedly committed the homicide of his adoptive parents on Friday.

21-year-old Dima Tower was attempting to evade police near Interstate 75 and Laurel Road in Sarasota County. After a seven- to eight-hour search in the woods, Tower was found and arrested.

Officers entered the home through the side garage door to where Tower lived with his parents to find 49-year-old Robbie Tower and 51-year-old Jennifer Tower.

The parents were found lying head-to-head face down on the living room floor just covered in blood.

The North Port Police claim Dima Tower stabbed them multiple times. As police continued their search of the home, it was discovered that the victims were attacked in multiple rooms.

Multiple areas of the house were covered in blood from the master bedroom, living room couches, the inside of the front door and the kitchen. Police found a blood-soaked rag near the sink in the kitchen as well.

When officers first responded to the situation, they witnessed blood on Tower’s person as he approached the trunk of a black car to close it. Upon asking him to stop, Tower ignored them and hastily entered his vehicle to drive away.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s forced Tower’s Chevy Sonic to stop on I-75, around mile marker 192.
Deputies said Tower fled into the woods, provoking the hours long search.

Neighbors and acquaintances mourn the loss of the victims.

“Rob and Jennifer were really nice, sweet, good people, kind of people you really don’t see anymore. In this day and age,” said Jason Mcrae, neighbor.

Dima Tower is being charged with second degree murder.

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