Gatorland Park takes in alligator missing half its jaw

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Gatorland Park
Alligator with half of its jaw missing rescued. CREDIT: Eustacia Kanter

An alligator with half its jaw missing has been rescued and found a new forever home at Gatorland Park.

Employees at Gatorland Park have figured out the gator’s snout was most likely sliced off by a boat propeller, forcing her to live off frogs and snails. The gator went viral online for its unfortunate injury.

“That wound that she has has healed over. So, she has been able to feed herself without a top jaw for some time now. That’s impressive,” said Mike Hileman, the director at Gatorland Park.

It may be impressive, but the injured gator is underweight. However, those at Gatorland plan on fixing that and taking special care of her.

The gator is continuing to captivate social media.

“I mean, she’s really getting a lot of attention right now. I hope it doesn’t go to her head and become a little diva. But right now, she’s very good, very down to Earth. Very humble at this point,” said Hileman.

Gatorland Park wants help naming the alligator. Some of the most notable suggestions are Jaws, Flap Jack, Gum Drop and Hope.

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