Naples City Council approves property tax increase

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
Published: Updated:

Residents of Naples will be paying more in property taxes next year.

The Naples City Council held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss and vote on the tax increase.

Naples Chief Finacial Officer explained during the meeting that the city needs an additional $4.8 million for street improvements, salary increases and technology. 

The additional revenue will also act as an emergency fund for future storms.

The 5-2 vote in favor of the tax increase had stirred outrage among Naples residents, many of whom continue to struggle after Hurricane Ian.

Naples Vice Mayor, Micheal McCabe discussed with disgruntled residents that the increase would not be as substantial as it seems.

“When people are saying, ‘That is a huge tax increase.’ When you’re talking about a house or if your property consists of a million dollars, what we’re talking about is a $20 per year tax increase for your property. That’s it,” said McCabe.

Property values in Naples have risen over the last year despite Hurricane Ian, which will bring in more revenue as well.

The City of Naples currently has a $15 million reserve fund.

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