Former FBI agent weighs in on Christopher Worrell’s arrest

Reporter: Amy Galo Writer: Matias Abril
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The 45-day manhunt for Naples man Christopher Worrell is officially over. The January 6 Capitol rioter was arrested by FBI agents and Collier County deputies in his home on Thursday.

Retired FBI agent Robert Foley weighs in on the capture.

Foley just about predicted his capture a few weeks ago, telling WINK News that he didn’t think it would go on for more than two months.

“He had to have known that his house would be the center of focus for the FBI, so going back home certainly was a calculated risk,” Foley said.

Worrell also has stage three non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. Agents found him unconscious and had to take him in an ambulance.

“His decision to go back home had to have been one of necessity,” Foley said.

Night-vision goggles, four thousand in cash, and survivalist gear were found at the scene.

“All items that a fugitive would have in their possession with the objective to go off-grid,” Foley said.

This means that Worrell’s 14-year sentence will likely go up.

“Violation of the conditions of release before sentencing creates a potential for an additional up to 10 years,” Foley said.

And if Worrell tries to negotiate his sentence due to his health, Foley said that having run off won’t help that either.

Another interesting point to note in Worrell’s capture is that FBI agents gained consent entry into his home, even though they had a warrant.

That means someone willingly let them inside.

At this moment, it’s unknown who else was in the house at the time or whether Worrell himself may have consented before becoming unconscious.

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