Friday’s Furry Friends: Mr. Banks, Thomas, Manchester

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For this week’s Friday’s Furry Friends, WINK visits the Collier County Domestic Animal Services to showcase three wonderful animals ready to be adopted.

This week featured animals:

furry friends
Mr. Banks. Credit: Collier County Domestic Animal Services

Mr. Banks is a 7-year-old dog. His interesting name was given to him by CCDAS after volunteers found him near a bank.

Mr. Banks is a giant lovebug and very friendly towards people.

He oftentimes will forget his size and try to jump onto your lap.

He is well-trained and would often get passed over by potential adopters because of how quiet he can be.

furry friends
Thomas. Credit: Collier County Domestic Animal Services

Thomas is a 10-year-old cat.

He first came into the CCDAS as a stray animal.

Thomas is a very vocal cat so be prepared for some conversation with him in your house.

He loves to be scratched and has a very calm temperament.

His big green eyes will melt any heart.

Friday's furry friends
Manchester. Credit: Collier County Domestic Animal Services

Manchester is a 7-year-old dog. He is visually impaired.

Manchester will melt into anyone’s hands and loves belly rubs.

He may occasionally bump into walls, but hopefully he can bump into a forever home.

November is National Senior Pet Adoption Month, meaning all adoption fees are $5 if you select an older animal for adoption.

There are around 150 furry friends just waiting to be adopted at CCDAS. You can visit the Collier County Domestic Animal Services website or contact them at 239-252-7387. You can also visit them at 7610 Davis Blvd. in Naples.

Be sure to check out Friday’s Furry Friends next week! You can’t buy happiness, but you sure can rescue it!

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