Jorge Guerrero pleads guilty to the murder and kidnapping of 9-year-old Diana Alvarez

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Jorge Guerrero, who stood accused of killing 9-year-old Diana Alvarez, pleaded guilty to the charges of murder and kidnapping of a minor.

The court hearing was held at 8:30 a.m. at the Lee County Courthouse, where a plea deal was agreed upon where Guerrero would plead guilty to the charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping of a minor in exchange for a life sentence without a possibility of parole.

In doing so, the charges of lewd and lascivious behavior were dropped against Guerrero.

Guerrero agreed to the plea deal, pleading guilty to the abovementioned charges and the conditions mentioned below.

  • No contact with the family of Diana Alvarez 
  • Provide a DNA sample to the FDLE DNA database 
  • Designated as a sexual predator 
  • Will be an order and reserve of restitution
  • Court cost of $413
  • The cost of prosecution fee of $31k 
  • Defense counsel fee of $100 
  • Public defendant fee of $50
  • $151 to the Crime Against Minors fund 

Guerrero appeared in court on March 4 for a plea deal hearing; however, he did not agree to a deal that day.

The judge overseeing this case extended the time for Guerrero’s defense team to agree to the proposed plea deal.

Guerrero was already serving a 40-year sentence on federal charges for having pornographic photos on his cell phone, which included Alvarez.

The family of Diana Alvarez is seeking retribution on Guerrero as their daughter’s life was cut short.

“It’s in their hands. I can’t make that decision. But I am the person who lost their daughter, and I will carry that pain with me wherever I go,” said Diana Alvarez’s mother. “That pain will always be with me. I will never forget my daughter. Nobody will. Losing a child without answers is the worst pain you could ever experience in life.”

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